Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Come One Come All Hopheads!

I'm not afraid to admit that I am a hophead. IPAs, Double IPAs, Rye IPAs, Russian IPAs, Black IPAs, I love them all. I don't judge people who like other lagers and ales but I do, however, admit to tsk-tsk'ing those who offer me an Alexander Keiths with a straight face when I ask for an IPA in a pub. In the spirit of all things hoppy, two pieces of good news:

1) Beer Revolution is having their IPA festival from January 13 - Februrary 5 and are promising some beers on tap I've never seen in Alberta such as Rogue's Yellow Snow IPA and the ever delicious Dieu du Ciel Corne Diable. There's a ton of others listed on their website at under the Events section so check it out and support great craft beer spots in Calgary

2) Village Brewery has apparently released their Blacksmith India Black Ale. I heard great things about their first beer which was a blonde so I'm eager to try this IPA. You can find it at a couple bars in the city or if you're so inclined, growlers can be filled at the brewery for $18 and refills are only $9. Wicked deal.

In one piece of un-hoppy but happy news, Willow Park has received the new Wild Rose Belgian Dubble. I'll be heading down to grab one from Dave "The Beer Guy" on the weekend and so should you!


  1. Thank you for giving Dieu du Ciel's Corne du Diable some love in your blog post. Just so you are aware kegs of Dieu du Ciel's Peche Mortel and Aphrodisaque were delivered there today as well and may be on tap there this week.

    Also if that isn't enough excitement through a special arrangement Beer Revoltulution is the only place outside of BC to have Central City's Red Racer IPA on tap.

    Chief Purveyor of Fine Suds
    Artisan Ales Consulting Inc.

  2. Mike, that's really cool. I had Red Racer on tap when I visited BR and it was every bit as I had hoped. Looking forward to many more pints of that for sure!